Sunday, September 11, 2011

Singapore Employment outlook and Salary Guide 2011/2012

Kelly Services, one of the leading workforce solutions provider in the market, compile a very comprehensive reference on the salary trends, job titles and employment outlook by industries in Singapore. This reference is named “Employment Outlook and Salary Guide”. They have published 2011/2012 edition of the reference guide. It is a must read for everyone currently looking for job or an employee to fill a job position in Singapore. This helpful guide has valuable information like salary range where minimum and maximum salaries per job title are given with corresponding minimum and maximum years of experience. These salary ranges are based on actual transactions between employers and employees and depicts a more accurate picture of the job market than the asking prices you usually see in the job advertisements.

Singapore Employment Outlook and Salary Guide is structured very simple, it is divided into sections based on industries: Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Call Centre, Engineering & Technical, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Human Resources, Information Technology, Office Support, Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics and Sales, Marketing & Advertisement. Each section starts with a industry outlook of that year in terms of jobs and displays a table containing job titles with information like salary range, experience, etc.

2011/2012 is obviously compiled before the current economic uncertainties emerged and is a bit over optimistic compared to the current outlook. Nevertheless, since it gives very fresh information for each job titles, it is still a very valuable guide.

According to the guide, there is a trend towards hiring of experienced workers who can “hit the ground running” in a very short period and this is especially true for Banking & Finance sector. As you can see from the salary ranges, endless banker rescue plans are working well around the world as well as Singapore, and financial services jobs are still overpaying to its employees.

It is interesting to see increased hiring across engineering and technical domains in 2011. But still, it looks like the demand and salaries are pulled up by financial services and the engineering and technical jobs outside these domains still offer relatively lower salaries. Not surprisingly, salaries are unchanged in this mostly neglected domain.

One of the domains pulled up by Financial Services sector in Singapore is IT. There is a strong demand for IT staff to work in finance and banking domains.
 Full report can be obtained from Kelly Services, Salary Guide web page.

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