Friday, September 21, 2012

Due West 3D sex comedy actress Wang Li Danni is a medical student

A young busty actress who appeared in a Hong Kong 3D youth sex comedy "All the Way West" (official English name as Due West: Our Sex Journey) is identified as Daniella Wang Li Dan a.k.a Wang Li Danni, 23 years old Chinese medical student from Shanghai, by media. If the news are true, Wang Li Danni played in All The Way West to save 400,000 yuan (S$80,000) needed to get her medical license and open up a clinic. She graduates next October.

Released on September 20 2012,  the movie became a hot topic. It immediately topped Baidu's index and search movie list to become one of the most talked about movie in September. But one of the actresses Wang Li, touted as "Mainland's Amy Yip" drew most of the attention. Her very explicit body massage scene photos are circulating around the internet now.

Daniella Wang Li Dan 王李丹 is known in China as the "China's Goddess of Boobs". Wang Li Dan is actually of Mongolian ethnicity.

Interestingly,Wang Li Danni said she is doing this not to become famous but to save enough money to pursue her dream in medicine and to open up her own clinic. The former lingerie model added that she will stop filming such movies in Hong Kong if her studies are affected.[2] Although her ultimate goal is to be a doctor, Wang Li Danni now expresses concern that her filming such movies could affect her future medical career.[2]

"According to local reports in Southeast Asia, the woman became a porn actress in order to pay for medical school. Women in the region are angered that local newspapers in the region have revealed the young 23-year-old’s identity, arguing that it was an attempt to shame her publicly. On the other hand, some activists were angered by local media releasing her identity:
“I just find it wrong on many levels because if the woman wanted people to know who she was she would have come forward and talked about it,” said a female activist in Thailand."
Source : Women in Asia angered after porn actress identity revealed publicly

Chinese language 3D movies of this kind are getting popular in Hong Kong since they draw large crowds of Mainland tourists to the city because these movies are usually censored in China.

Due West Our Sex Journey
All The Way West (Due West: Our Sex Journey)
You can watch the trailer of 3D Hong Kong movie All The Way West in the below video. The movie, according to its trailer, is based on internet best seller novel in Hong Kong.

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