Monday, September 10, 2012

Jim Rogers says 2013 slowdown will be worse than 2007 recession

You may hope for the best when it comes to global economic crisis, but if you listen to Jim Rogers you need to prepare for the worst. Jim Roger think that the latest European rescue plan will not work and will fall apart after the next German elections. "After the German elections we should be very worried" he says. European leaders are actually doing nothing to solve the problem but doing everything to push the problem to the future hoping that the problem will go away. Jim Rogers think Euro as we know it will not survive.

Jim Roger's say he is very worried about 2013. US had recessions every 4-6 years since the beginning of the  Republic. You can add, after the election 2013-2014 is 4-6 years and we will have a slowdown:

"In 2002 we had a slowdown. 2007, 2008 was worst because the debt was so much worst. Next time the debt is staggering, so the next time we have a slowdown, it will we worse because we have shot out all our bullets. I mean what we can do. Can I quadruple the debt again? Can I print even more money? " says Jim Rogers. So he thinks that slowdown is coming and 2013 slowdown will be worse than 2007 recession.

The only solution to the current economic problem is to cut the spending with a chainsaw. You should be cutting taxes not raising them.

Jim Rogers says 2013 slowdown will be worse than 2007 recession

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