Friday, September 28, 2012

Gaw Yu Han wants a sport car for free from Sentosa Cove residents

"I am writing this personal letter to you with the hope of finding a sponsor. I like cars and my favorites are Audi R8 Coupe, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Honda CR-Z and etc. May I have the courage to ask for a car as a gift from you?". This is what was written in 300 letters sent to Sentosa Cove landed property addresses by Gaw Yu Han in hope to find someone to waste money to buy a completely non-essential gift to a stranger. The Malaysian who is a Singapore Permanent Resident is relatively wealthy: He already has a Toyota Camry at the age of 20 and lives in a private apartment.

"Call it an experiment or a request if you want... Anyway, I spent only five cents on a letter ... I do not expect to give anything in return. What I can offer is casual friendship" he said when contacted.

Incredibly Gaw Yu Han claims that 10 Sentosa Cove residents, all Singaporeans, have contacted him. Luckily none was out of their mind to buy a sport car to this kid but more interested to find out why he has sent this letter.

According to The Straits Times,  Gaw Yu Han thinks that "Singaporeans will never give him a car" but he is hopeful that one of the foreigners living in Sentosa Cove will be stupid enough to do that.

Yesterday,  netizens naturally slammed this spoilt kid with what he has done and said[1][2]. I say spoilt because this 20 years old kid has felt no reason to put a single word to explain why he thinks he deserves a sponsorship like this. Neither he even bothers to offer anything in return. Even if I was shameless enough to write a letter like this, I would at least put a paragraph like "If you sponsor my sport car, I promise to devote my next 3 years of weekends for helping the poor on behalf of you". But the kid does not bother to give anything in return at all! If he did this I am sure he would still get nothing in return but at least he would look like looking for sponsorship rather than begging.

Sentosa Cove is a residential enclave in the East of Sentosa Island in Singapore for ultra rich. About 60% of the buyers of property in Sentosa Cove are foreigners.[3]

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[2] - Singaporeans will never give Gaw Yu Han a car
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