Monday, March 25, 2013

Apply Australia, New Zealand, Britain, USA and Canada in Singapore in a single center

Travellers who need a visa to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Britain, USA and Canada now can apply for  one at a new shared visa application center located at 20 Cecil Street in Singapore Central Business District. The new application center is a Five Country Conference (FCC) initiative under an agreement to share global network of visa application centers.

"The use of shared visa application facilities will save us costs through shared infrastructure and resources and allow us to maintain high levels of service" said British High Commissioner Antony Phillipson. A spokesperson’s for Australia and New Zealand said, “Shared visa application facilities would lead to improved services for clients of each country and would also achieve greater efficiencies through shared infrastructure and staffing. These services will include extended operating hours with phones open until 5pm weekdays, and internet kiosks with an online application tracking facility so clients can view the status of their applications. Savings achieved this way are ultimately able to be passed on to our clients. All applications will continue to be assessed and decided by immigration staff at both the Australian and New Zealand high commissions. VAC staff will not be involved in decisions or have any knowledge of application outcomes.”

5CC Visa Application Centre (VAC) address is 20, Cecil Street, #11-02 to 05, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705. The key features of the 5CC VAC will be:
  • Dedicated counters for applicants and travel agents
  • Biometric enrolments (For UK currently)
  • Dedicated call centre to answer queries and status of application
  • Online appointment system and tracking of application status
  • Dedicated websites to provide information on visa categories, fees, application forms, etc.
  • SMS alert for visa status update on mobile phones
  • Door step delivery of passports
The VAC will remain open from 08:00 to 16:00 from Monday-Friday, keeping in mind the convenience of the applicants. There is a service fee, payable at the time of application, to use the VAC service.

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