Thursday, March 7, 2013

IKEA Singapore resumes the sale of meatballs with $0.10 per piece at the IKEA Restaurant

"Home furnishing retailer, Ikea Singapore, announced today that they will resume the sale of their signature meatballs at the Ikea Restaurant and Swedish Food Market at both Alexandra and Tampines stores from tomorrow, Friday, March 8. This comes after the release of DNA results by a local independent lab that confirms meatballs sold locally contain only beef and pork, and the Halal-certified ones made of beef and chicken.

For one day only on March 8, the meatballs will be available at $0.10 per piece at the IKEA Restaurant at both stores to mark its return. The Ikea Restaurant will be opened from 9.30am to 10.30pm (last order at 10pm).

Late February, Sweden's IKEA stopped nearly all sales of meatballs at its furniture store cafeterias across Europe and have started withdrawing meatballs in more than 20 countries after meatballs from a supplier in Sweden were found to contain traces of horse meat. In a statement company said:

"Meatballs sold in IKEA Singapore contain only beef and pork sourced and produced from Australia. There is a halal line at IKEA Tampines where meatballs containing a mixture of chicken and beef from Brazil and Australia respectively are sold. These are halal certified and locally produced. None of our ingredients are produced by the affected suppliers."

IKEA Singapore meatballs are horse meat free.

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