Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Art of the Brick exhibition extended at ArtScience Museum

Originally slated to close on 14 April, The Art of The Brick exhibition has been extended to 26 May 2013 due to overwhelming response. Visitors who have not had the opportunity to witness one of acclaimed brick artist Nathan Sawaya’s most impressive works – a six-meter-long T-Rex skeleton that took three months to complete –will now have a chance to do so.

A new puppetry workshop that complements Sawaya’s creative showcase will also be introduced with the exhibition’s extension. Based on the exhibits in The Art of the Brick, children of all ages will be able to make their own shadow puppets at The Art of Play gallery every Sunday from March to May 2013. In conjunction with the new workshop, The Art of the Brick will continue to offer visitors a chance to take part in two well-received workshops through the exhibit. Playing with Patterns is a colourful workshop that provides instruction on how to use LEGO® bricks to create a variety of print patterns on different surfaces. Also
offered is a stop motion workshop that allows visitors to write, direct and produce their own 15-second stop motion film inspired by the works on display in The Art of the Brick.

The various galleries within the exhibition provide a number of interactive opportunities that engage all visitors. Among these are: RAIN, a brick-building station where visitors can construct a 3-dimensional raindrop from LEGO® bricks; Shadow Play!, an area for individuals to strike a pose and cast a silhouette shadow relevant to the work on display; and Mosaic Portraits, a kiosk that allows visitors to create a mosaic portrait of themselves using a unique digital photo application.

six-meter-long T-Rex skeleton in The Art of the Brick exhibition
Photo - Milogong blog
Many visitors have provided positive feedback regarding their experience at The Art of the Brick exhibition, including its creative programming and interactive components. Among these are the following:

“The exhibition was definitely an eye opener, seeing a small little piece of LEGO® being transformed into a beautiful art piece. My wife, daughter & myself were really amazed by the ingenious imagination of the creator (Nathan Sawaya).” (Jackie Tan, Singaporean, 46) 
“After witnessing Nathan Sawaya’s works in all the galleries, I felt very inspired and had the opportunity to create my own artworks with the stop motion and Playing with Patterns workshops. The Art of the Brick exemplifies how creativity has no boundaries and how art can be accessible to everyone.” (Tow Huiwen, Singaporean, 28)
The Art of the Brick is the first exhibition of Sawaya’s work in Southeast Asia. With 52 large scale sculptures created using solely LEGO® bricks in the showcase, it is the largest collection of Sawaya’s pieces ever presented at one venue.

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