Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Angelina Zhang leaked nude photos

Hong Kong actress Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga - 張暖雅) has never been shy of displaying what she has. Her popularity is largely thanks to 2 18 years of age ++ movies Lan Kwai Fong and Due West Our Sex Journey where her male audience has seen as much as they could.

Now, 17 nude photos of Angelina Zhang, obviously taken before she has "enhanced" her look are circulating online and went viral in Chinese speaking work. The actress was suprised to know that the photos are online but acknowledged that the lady in the photos are her.

The photo series was taken 4 years ago in 2009 and taken by a photographer for artistic purposes. According to Angelina only her former manager and the photographer had the photos, but she thinks the photographer probably didn't keep those photos. Given that she and her former management company had problems (she has only made 400K for the company instead of the millions she claimed) she has implied tht her former managers were behind the leak.

Angelina's former management company was quick to deny the allegations.

Angelina Zhang later broke the silence and filed a report to the police after her pictures surfaced online. She described the people who spread her naked photos as 'worse than wild animals' and she also swore that no man was involved in taking her nude photos.

According to AppleDailyEnglish, Angelina Zhang's pictures are allegedly exposed to stir up buzz:
It was not clear whether someone exposed her pictures to harm her reputation or she did this herself to garner more attention. 
The actress said these pictures were once handed to her previous agent two years ago upon signing a contract. Yet, her previous agent denied being the one to expose the pictures and said that he had nothing to do with it. Zhang's manager ended up accusing the actress of taking jobs in private without going through him. 
Zhang denied that she was the one sending out these pictures to promote herself and stated that revealing these pictures could only harm her relationships with her clients. 
The actress and her director husband said that they would call the police when they return to Hong Kong and call a press conference to explain everything. 
Source : Chinese actress' pictures allegedly exposed to stir up buzz
Angelina Zhang was reportedly secretly married to a Hong Kong director Hu Yaohui (胡耀輝), who directed the x-rated film "Due West: Our Sex Journey" where Zhang was also part of the cast.

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