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UPDATE : We are no longer affiliated with Since early 2014, their affiliate program got bad and turned to worse. They first deleted many pending orders in a single instance, later skip a bulk of approved payment and at the end our clicks did not generate comission so we have decided to stop promoting the site.

We are not sure is this only happening to us or a general problem. It is really sad because it came after we have decided to put to the top affiliate spot.

Anyway, you subscribe and try at your own risk. We do not work with them anymore. It was a very good affiliate, but it is not good any more. This is our opinion.

Asia Singapore site has been affiliated with for a while so it is time to write a review about this nice affiliate which brings another option to monetize your online content. is a group buying site mostly targeting Singapore. Group buying sites, if you do not somehow know it, offer products and services at significantly reduced prices provided that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. This concept started as team buying but after it is successfully applied as a business model by Groupon, many group or coupon buying sites emerged. Unlike team buying, in the web businss model, merchants provide deals to group buying site and customers get deals from them and use it.

Group buying sites offer different kind of deals and great discounts sometimes up to 95% off! Food and Beverages, Health and Beauty, Travel, Events, Activities, Products and Services are common deal categories.

So if you have an audience from Singapore and your web site is about travel, events, activities, dinning, beauty and health, you can affiliate with to make some money from your traffic. is one of two group deal providers offering affiliate marketing options. The other is As I have experience in, I will review this one (without comparing to the other). Affiliate program

Registration for affiliate is quite straight forward. Just follow this link and fill in the necessary fields for FREE sign-up : affiliate sign-up. After you have your affiliate account, you can place their banners or direct links to deal pages to earn money. They will give you an affiliate id to be used in links.

How to use affiliate in your site

You can use their banners and text links in your site. You can write product reviews and link the deal page for the product from this review. also allows you to put your links in forums, facebook pages, & kind of article pages. You can even use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising (you can either send people directly to them using your affiliate link in your PPC ads, or you can create your own website in which you have a review of our product, followed by your affiliate tracking link).

How do you make money?
If someone following your link and buys a product/service, you will earn 8% commission. If at the end of the month you can accumulate more than $100 in your account (minimum payment), it will be paid to you by PayPal or check. If you cannot then you will get payment whenever the amount hits $100.

 8% may not look great for a $10 dinning deal but there are really big ticket items regularly appearing (i.e. luxury holiday deals to Maldives, luxury yacht charter in Singapore, a luxury hotel staycation in a 5-Star Sentosa Hotel) and these really can generate good income with a single click.

Think about it. A Maldives holiday deal of $1,500 SGD per person with minimum 2 pax will make you $210 per sale. Although these types of sales are rare, sales in range of $100 - $500 are quite common for travel oriented sites and can make $7 - $35 per click.

Another way to make money is sub-affiliates. Great thing about affiliate is that it is 2-tier. If you refer affiliates to and these affiliates start to make money, you will start to get commission from their earnings!

Who is it for?

Singapore focused web site/blogs in travel, dinning, attractions & events, beauty, products etc. can use the affiliate to generate money.

Why I like (and use) affiliate program?

Well, of course number one reason is that I make a significant amount of money with them. They offer great variety of deals and great value (a full holiday package to Bangkok with 50% discount is a great value you provide to your customer). I also buy from them regularly and had no problems with them up to now. They seem to be one of the most trustable group buying site in Singapore which is great for your visitors. And they have a very responsive affiliate service team. They reply back a little late but always solve your problems and answer your questions in a reasonable time.


Two small drawbacks to mention:

If you prefer to link a deal page, that page is short-lived (a deal is closed in a few days). Unlike some other affiliates I use, I need to refresh this frequently. I.e. Agoda Affiliate program does not need a refresh because a hotel stays where it is for decades. This can be solved by an affiliate API (like the one Amazon Associates have) and hopefully they will go that way.

Second draw back is when someone first falls into their site, like all other deal sites, they pop-up an e-mail request form before the visitor can see the deal. This is, in my opinion, is a great turn off. They should allow the visitor to directly land to the page and keep e-mail collection to a later stage (if buy button is clicked) or maybe tie it to a timer (it appears after visitor stays 15 seconds on the page).

To sign-up for, you can visit their affiliate sign-up.

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