Tuesday, February 4, 2014

28 Easy Ways to Save Money in Singapore

BudgetHotels.sg, a site providing information on budget hotels and cheap accommodation in Singapore for budget-minded travelers, released a list of ways to save money in Singapore for travelers who want to see their dollars go further. “28 Easy Ways For a Tourist To Save Money in Singapore” guide is available online now at BudgetHotels.sg.

Packed with insider tips from seasoned Singapore visitors and locals alike, the guide promises to have tourists demonstrating native street smarts with over two dozen invaluable pointers on where to shop, eat, sleep and sightsee while touring the island nation.

The money saving tips are broken down into a number of sections; hotels, getting around, shopping, sightseeing and eating, so tourists can get the expert insight they need at exactly the right time. Compiled by the travel experts at BudgetHotels.sg, the tips are intended to help visitors get more enjoyment from their stay by making even the smallest of spare change go further.

The guide starts with a series of suggestions to help with the search for affordable accommodation, pointing readers in the direction of budget hotels in areas such as Bugis, Chinatown and Geylang. For those with the minimum of finances, the guide also lets readers into the secret of securing free accommodation in Singapore. Also in section one is invaluable pointers dedicated to getting around including common pitfalls to avoid when traveling by taxi and the cheapest passes for public transport.

In section two of the bumper money saving post, BudgetHotels.sg unearths the best shopping deals in Singapore. Top tips include exploring the tax rebate for cash back on purchases, the Great Singapore Sale season and how to enquire about tourist privileges in malls.

Section three is ideal for those who want to see everything without spending their entire vacation budget. It covers how to get free entry to a host of museums, gardens and parks. There’s also a shortlist of the best value attraction passes to look out for.

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