Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You may like Red Dela Cruz Facebook fan page

For some reasons completely unknown to me, Facebook is persistant that I may like the Facebook fan page of Red Dela Cruz, a hot 21 something pinay chick from Manila (next to other two recommended pages for me Bruce Lee and Lee Hsien Leong!). I clicked the linked and I really liked what I have seen. I indeed googled her name and liked what I have found there more (i.e. Red Dela Cruz nude and topless photos not safe for work). Note : When I say I liked her Facebook page I did not go and press the Like button to join her Red Army - her fans are called Red Army :)

Red Dela Cruz is born in October 9, 1992 and is a professional freelance model. Judging from her facebook page and awards she has collected (FHM Premiere Ultimate Vixen 2012, Premiere Condoms Brand Ambassador 2012, Premiere Condoms Calendar 2013, Illustrado Dubai Magazine Cover (June 2013), FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013, Rank 52 and so on ...) she is quite a famous lang mo. Here is from her web site:

Red Dela Cruz as a modern Filipino model is indeed a revolution. Geared with smooth mocha skin, luscious lips, “S” shaped figure, toned abs and a great passion for modelling, Red can showcase a broad range of looks at a drop of a hat. From the classic “Dalagang Pilipina”, to quirky, to sexy, to edgy, to high fashion — Red is definitely a fashion force to be reckoned with; breaking the common local stereotype of beauty and paving way for international success and recognition.

Her shot to fame was a revolution on its own. Rebelling against the usual mainstream path, Red’s following hailed from social media, perhaps being one of only a handful of social media celebrities in the Philippines. Steering clear off the runway as she only stands 5 ft. and 4 in., Red is mainly a print and fitness model.
Source : Red Dela Cruz Web Page

Filipino model Red Dela Cruz
Filipino model Red Dela Cruz is born in 1992.
She is the 52nd sexiest woman in Philippines in 2013. 
Red Dela Cruz fans are called Red Army.
Here's Red Dela Cruz's Summer 2013 Promotional Video.

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