Friday, February 14, 2014

Best Places to Buy Electronics in Singapore has published a short "Best Places to Buy Electronics in Singapore" guide which is, according to Singapore budget hotel site's press release, voted for by a panel of Singaporeans. The nine stores who made it into the guide have each been designated as the best places in the country to buy electrical appliances including video cameras and televisions and gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Each outlet on the list is a local favorite for everything from PC spare parts to Play Stations, Xboxes to Canon cameras.

Danny Lee, founder of said, “Singapore is well known for its abundance of electronics stores and discounts and deals on appliances and gadgets is almost a national store. Everywhere you turn there are special offers just waiting to be snapped up so navigating the maze and avoiding the tourist traps is key. Our Best Places to Buy Electronics in Singapore guide was created with local help – each outlet is tried and tested by Singaporeans and designated as one of their own top places to shop. With this in mind, we reckon it’s just as essential as sun cream for any visitor planning to splash out on a few new toys while in town!”
For each of the nine recommended ports of call, the guide features tips and insider knowledge so even newcomers to the city island will be shopping like a local within minutes.

The nine recommended places to buy electronics and IT gadgets are Sim Lim Square, Funan DigitaLife IT Mall, Mustafa Center, Harvey Norman, Courts, Parisilk, Challenger, Cathay Photo and Computer Fairs and Expo.

Each listing includes a helpful hint – shoppers checking out the retail chain Harvey Norman for example are advised to keep their eyes peeled for older flat-screen TV models which are often seriously discounted and offer great value for money. Shoppers heading for Sim Lim Square are advised to bypass the first floors and any so called ‘freebies’ which are often included in the price of the package anyway.

Best Places to Buy Electronics in Singapore

In addition to the insider tips and list of hot spots, this electronics buying guide from also includes addresses, websites, opening hours and nearest transport links.

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