Friday, January 3, 2014

Coyote dancers for Chuchok

According to Buddhist legend, Chuchok was an old beggar from Kalingkarat Province and thanks to the good deeds he has done in his previous lifes he has became very rich from being a beggar. And although he was quite ugly he has married to a very young and attractive woman. Today, Chuchok is thought by many Thais to be one of the very best amulets for bringing wealth and granting wishes.

There is at a small shrine in the suburbs of Bangkok which is quite an interesting place to visit. But what makes it truly remarkable are the coyote dancers!

The story is this: a few years ago someone won very big in lottery thanks to Chuchok. He has decided to reward the beggar with scantily clad dancers and a new tradition has started. If you want to have good fortune, a lot of money and a beautiful lady, all you need to do is to offer this old Brahmin a nice show! If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy to watch one of these offers when you visit the shrine.

You can watch a video of this interesting shrine here : Shake It Baby for Chuchok.

Coyote dancers for Chuchok
Coyote dancers for Chuchok

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