Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rude student shout at polite teacher and demands apology

The video below, taken in Singapore (but probably shedding light on some students in everywhere around today's world) needs no words. The teacher asks the student to return to his seat. He complied initially but then returns back to his classmate’s desk. The teacher shouts at him to return to his seat.

This is where he starts talking back defiantly at the teacher and demanded an apology from his teacher. And suprisingly, the teacher apologizes several time. Does this stop the kid. Of course not.

Watch the video below. Actually, if you are planning to be a teacher, do not watch it at all.

The full transcript of the event is here. According to Yahoo sg, the Spectra Secondary School student has apologised after a video of him scolding his teacher. According to All Singapore Stuff (where the video firat appeared) the teacher in the video is Mr Foo Cheek-Choon, mathematics teacher at Spectra Secondary School and is a former Director in MNC. He has been in the job only for a month.

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