Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sexy 34E Lucy from Taiwan

In Far East, if you have the assets, it is not difficult to be famous. If a young lady has "it" and then flung it, she can be famous. This young Taiwanese lady below is an internet celebrity who is known as 34E Lucy (34e正妹lucy) refering to her most recognizable "assets" which she is generously flunging out from her Facebook page since June 2013.

Recently, 34e正妹Lucy has uploaded super sexy bikini photos to her Facebook page and again drew all the attention in the Chinese (and Japanese) speaking part of the world.

Equipped with impressive 34E boobs, Lucy has accumulated 38,000+ likes for her Facebook page which is opened in June 2013. Based on the photos, we can see that she is probably a Lang mo (pseudo-model)(*).

You can visit her Facebook page to see the latest bikini photos of her.

* - Lang mo (Chinese:𡃁模, o靚模, 口靚模) or Pseudo-models are young models without training and who do not possess the physical qualities required of high-fashion catwalk models, which usually include a minimum height of 5'9". Lang mo models arose to prominence in Hong Kong in the late 2000s.

Lang mos often work as promotional models at fairs and expositions. They often attract publicity by welcoming photos of them being taken in skimpy outfits like bikinis.[3] Many publish their own photographs.

34e正妹Lucy is a Taiwanese internet celebrity.

Taiwanese Lucy

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