Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bicycle theft in Singapore

I have just bought a bicycle, this time an old and used bicycle which was sold to me by a friend's friend. I know it will eventually be stolen but it is an old bike covered with some rust so I expect it to stay with me for a while. I have paid only 23 Singapore Dollars for it.

I can well effort a more expensive one but experienced showed me that it is not a good idea to keep a new bike, even if it is a 80 SGD cheap Chinese bike sold in supermarket. For that reason I have looked for an old and rusty one. Actually I was a little bit disappointed when I saw it because it looks never than I want :)

While parking it I have seen the bicycle wheel in the photo below. The chain is strong so it kept the wheel but the rest of the bicycle is gone. I see this "wheel and chain left" thefts a lot so it is a good idea to chain the body and the first wheel together to an outside pole. Well in that case you most probably end up with a stolen rear wheel but at least the rest stays with you.

Bicycle stolen and the front wheel and the chain is left.
Taken in a Singapore HDB bicycle park area.
Actually bicycle theft in Singapore is not more than anywhere in the world. But since Singapore is a very safe place and laws are strict and well executed, it is suprising to see this theft frequent here.

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