Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chinese horoscope 2011

Luck : ***
The past year has been a fulfilling one as you have received what you deserved. For now, just be contented and bask in the rewards. Being unsatisfied will not only throw you into confusion, it may even cause you to lose what you have achieved last year. Also, be extra wary as Wu Gui star will arouse greediness ehile Guan Fu, Nian Fu and Fei Fu stars may get you involved in legal disputes. Hua Gai star will be a boost to your intelligence and charisma, thus make some plans to upgrade yourself through attending enrichment courses. Place the Five Fortunes enblem at home to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you.


Luck : ****

Lady luck has been shining on you for the past few years, letting you indulge in your own likes with flourishing wealth. 2011 is no exception, as the romance star Tai Yin shall bestow good fortune. But be careful not to fall into love traps set up by Guan Suo and Guo Shen, or risk a bad reputation and monetary losses. Exercise caution wherever possible to shun accidents, which are brought about by the Tian E star. Utilise the aid from Tai Yin and exhibit your charisma in the right way to excel in career. Further development can be considered as it can bring in extra profits. Honesty is needed to lay a firm foundation.


Luck : **

A major setback may arise the yearning for freedom, distrupting your train of thoughts and in turn bringing things to a standstill. Amid the search for your desired goals, the aimless drift throws you into deeper confusion. A clear and precise direction is needed whatever to do. With a specific goal in mind, you'll never feel lost and shall focus achieving it. For a smooth path ahead, settle down and set your mind on a definite target. Watch out for conniving characters who will strike when you are down. It is also advisable that you excuse yourself from celebrations and funerals to avoid conflicts on your luck. You may want to carry an amber gemstone, which will aid in enhancing your luck, removing obstacles from your path to success.


Luck : ****

The dark period is over and Tai Yang star shall bring you a bright career path amid the sunny days ahead. Make the best of your time to strive for career achievements now, as the arrival of Tai Sui next year will plunge you into darkness once again. Always look on the bright side of life. Clear your mind of unnecessary burdens and input more vitality into your life. Cunning villians will then live you alone, allowing you to focus on career development. It is important that you avoid being hesitant in making decisions so as to not miss numerous opportunities.


Luck : * * *

The arrival of lucky stars shall diminish the adverse effects brought by Tai Sui this year. With support from the Jiang Xing star, you can dash forward with full confidence to strive for career advancement. However, due to the presence of harmful stars Da Sha and Jian Feng, a slight mistake shall hinder your path to success. To walk on a path void of obstacles, shun arrogance and proceed prudently at all times. You may consider investing properties and value sustained items to prepare for unfavourable upcoming dragon Year.


Luck : * *

Alas! Happiness comes alone while misfortune loves company. Last year had been an unfavourable year and as you look forward to having a better year this year, your hopes are dashed. It is natural that you would feel upset and frustrated that things are not moving in the direction that you want them to be. But bear in mind that your anger or unhappiness may in turn worsen the situations. As your luck cycle meets with Tian Guan star this year, possibilities of getting yourself involved in lawsuits are high. Do avoid acting rashly and try not to quarrel with others over trivial matters as you might unknowingly offend your benefectors who are ready to provide you with their assistance. Always keep positive attitude and avoid lamenting.

Pat on the back after completing a task. Too much stress and pressure can bring you to a breaking point, which would hurt you emotionally and physically. Therefore, stay cool and calm. Avoid meddling with others' business.

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