Saturday, February 19, 2011

Room for rent in Singapore

If you are looking for a room for rent in Singapore, as of the first months of 2011, it is a little bit hard to find one. Just taking a look at the advertisement boards on major bus stops can tell you why. Here, you can see more "rooms wanted" advertisements for landlords than "rooms for rent" advertisements for tenants.

You can also see this trend in the prices. An HDB common room for rent nowadays can ask 600 - 700 SGD per month while a master room asking price is somewhere between 750 - 900 SGD per month. Central and condo rooms are above 1000 SGD.

Singapore rental portal, Rent in Singapore, provides current Singapore rental market rates based on the average asking prices advertised in their web site. Here you can also see that prices are up. Since the whole units are pricy, demand for room rentals are high and although pricy rental prices tend to increase supply, it increases demand faster.

Where can you find room rental advertisements for Singapore? There are many options, here I list some online advertisement portals for room rentals.

Notice : If you are looking for cheap short term rentals rooms and apartments in Singapore, you can check out our article here.

  • Easy Roommate Singapore, which claims to have 10,000 rooms for rent & roommates in Singapore is a very good place to start to look for a room for rent in Singapore. Searching for room is free and you can also place an advertisement to request a room to rent.

  • Singapore Expats have a specialized Singapore Classifieds section for room rentals. Here is a good place to find rooms without agent or owner.

  • Gumtree Singapore has a classified section for "common/master room for rent, apartment share, house share in Singapore".  Owners and main tenants also advertise here but most of the advertisers are agents.

  • Rent in Singapore is a web page which claims to be the number 1 rental portal in Singapore. This web site has a good range of rental advertisements with descriptive pictures of the properties, location maps and icons to show whether the there is an agent involved or not, property is closed to MRT, etc.

  • is a large property buy/sell portal for Singapore and it has clearly seperated sections for room rentals, whole flat HDB rentals and condo rentals as well as short term accomodation. One problem with this web page is that since it is popular a single agent can flood the entire first 1-2 pages with his advertisements and makes it difficult to search the page.
Be careful about room rentals in HDBs, especially if you are a tourist looking for a room for short term rental. It is illegal to rent HDB rooms to foreigners without proper work permits or long term social visit passes. See Short term HDB rental article for details.

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