Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pinnacle@Duxton Skybridge

In central Singapore, it is hard to miss the tall and large residential buildings called The Pinnacle@Duxton. Although named like a condo, these large apartment complex are actually public housing buildings. They are built on the same site of the first 2 ten storey HDB's of Singapore. The area is called the Duxton Plain.

What makes Pinnacle@Duxton interesting for me (and probably for you) is that it provides one of the best bird-eye view of Singapore from its 50th storey skybridge. There are actually 2 skybridges on these buildings,  but the one on the 26th storey is only open to the residents. Nevermind, 50th storey offers a much superior view than 26th floor bridge. This is also a cheaper option to Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands sky park and 1-Altitude.

Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge
The 50th storey skybridge on Pinnacle@Duxton is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. They let only 200 people to access to the skybridge per day and be sure to check the daily quota left from its web site before heading to the skybridge. Also note that they do not allow you to enter the skybridge during rain.

You need to pay 5 SGD per person per access to the skybridge but they only accept a card compliant with the Singapore Standard of Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS), for example, EZ-Link card!

We have been to this skybridge yesterday and enjoyed the great bird-eye view of Singapore city center. Getting there is quite easy. We have took East-West MRT line and left at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Outram MRT station is also just fine. From there, we took a 15 minutes walk to the The Pinnacle@Duxton.

Unfortunatelly, getting up was not straightforward. The web page does not exactly describe where is the starting point. Since this is an HDB there is no security. We have directly headed to the 50th floor only to find out that we should actually first visit the management office in Block 1G Level 1. Here we have used our EZ-Link Card to pay 5 Singapore Dollars (Net FlashPay card is not supported). It is important to bring your EZ-Link Card since here they register your card so you can open the door automatically on the 50th floor to enter the skybridge. So even if they wanted to, they cannot accept cash.

After the payment we have taken the lift A (B also goes to 50th floor) and climbed up to 50th storey and we were greeted with a great skybridge experience.

Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge
Singapore Central Business District from Pinnacle@Duxton
Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge
The Port of Singapore with Sentosa island in the background
Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge
50th Storey Skybridge on Pinnacle@Duxton
Below photo shows 3 tallest building in Singapore. From left to right, United Overseas Bank Plaza One, Overseas Union Bank Centre and Republic Plaza. These buildings are all 280 meters high which is the maximum height a structure can have in Singapore. This restriction is due to the proximity to Changi Airport (See Interesting Facts About Singapore).

Singapore CBD from Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge
Tallest Buildings in Singapore CDB (The middle one has a rooftop bar named 1-Altitude which
has the best bird-eye view of Singapore.
Central Business District blocks the view to the East of the island but the deck provides a great view to the south and west. It is a good place to have jogging or running also.

Being there reminded me how small Singapore is. All the prime area can fit in a photo frame and you can see even Bukit Timah is not that far. Sentosa from tip to tip is under your feet. There is no time limit for a visit once you are  on the skyebridge, you can stay there until 10 PM. I suggest you go to there around 4-5 PM so you can stay longer to see the sunset and Singapore skyline in the night.

Finally, below is a video I have taken from this skybridge towards Singapore CDB and Chinatown.

Singapore CDB from Pinnacle at Duxton

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  1. nice review. planning to go there during my visit to singapore this month ^^b
    btw can you go all around (circling) the 50th storey skybridge ? or the area open for public is limited ? thx

  2. Thank you for your nice comment. You can go all around circling, no restriction. East view is blocked by CDB skyscrapers but has a better view of city compared to Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

    There are some rules for accessing 50th floor of Pinnacle:
    Skybridge rules