Friday, July 13, 2012

Tiger Airways airline privilege program - Stripes

Budget flights, which have only started in Singapore 8 years ago in 2004, have already change the face of flight. They have enabled many people to fly first time and fly more frequent than they would do around the region. With these flights, you can basically fly from Singapore to a resort island i.e. Phuket for the weekend and if you can catch a promotion and combine it with a budget hotel stay, you can have a weekend in Phuket with less than 400 SGD budget. Many does this, as long as you are willing to buy for a weekend which is quite far in the future, it is not hard to find a promotion from one of the budget airlines.

But although, promotional fares from airlines are great savings for budget travellers which allow you to fly to places with cheapest possible rates, securing one on the date and the times you want to fly to your desired destination is very difficult since these tickets are limited in number and captured by promotion hungry travellers in the first few hours they are released. But there are some ways to jump the queue like airline privilege program of Tiger Airways: Tiger Airways Stripes.

By Tiger Airways Stripes, you can always be sure that if there is a promotional ticket to somewhere you want, you will most probably grasp it before majority. The airline privilege program let the members to book promotional tickets before everyone else and every time. The mechanism is simple: Although the promotional tickets can be seen by everyone at the same time, there is an exclusive booking period during which Stripes members can buy these tickets while they are not sold to non-members.  The annual membership fee for Tiger Airways Stripes is introductory price of AUD29.95 for Australian residents and SGD29.95 for non-residents of Australia.

Tiger Airways airline privilege program - Stripes
By Stripes, your exclusive fare applies to all travellers booked on your reservation even the companions are not Stripes members and there are also Stripes-Only promotional fares released from time to time and never sold to non-members. With the membership, you can also enjoy special partner offers on hotels, rental cars and other cool stuff with promotional prices from time to time.

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