Saturday, July 7, 2012

Visit to Singapore in 1964

The video below is shot by Hans Brinckmann and his wife in 1964 when they have visited Singapore in the course of a cruise by ms Straat Banka through the Far East. It is recorded on Kodachrome 8mm film. It is a quite clear look at what is now Singapore city center without all those land fill and skyscrapers.

At 0:35, you can see the current Fullerton Hotel and the Central Business District on the shore before the landfill.  At 1:04, there is a clear shot of that time's tallest building in Singapore,  former Asia Insurance Building (current Ascott Raffles Place). On the right hand side, you can see the beautiful Ocean Building, which was demolished in 1970 to give way to a 28 storey bulding also named as Ocean building. Currently, that building has also gone and Ocean Financial Centre stands on the land.

The video continues with some color shots of daily life in Singapore in 1964.

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