Saturday, December 29, 2012

India gang-rape victim dies in Singapore

A young Indian woman who was beaten, tortured and gang-raped by 6 animals died today in Singapore. She has been in critical condition since Christmas Day and with was flown to Singapore more than a day ago. She "passed away peacefully" with her family and officials of the Indian Embassy by her side, Dr Kevin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth hospital, said in a statement (Peacefully ?!? Are you sure about it?).

After the brutal attack, 23 years old woman suffered a brain injury, had to have both her small and large intestines removed, and was battling an infection in her lungs. She had three abdominal operations and a heart attack following the gang rape and was described as “practically dead” when she was admitted into the hospital. After 10 days at a hospital in the Indian capital of New Delhi, where the attack occurred, the victim was brought on Thursday to Singapore's Mount Elizabeth hospital. Since arrival, the woman had remained in extremely critical condition and unfortunately by late Friday her condition had taken a turn for the worse and her vital signs had deteriorated.

India is the forth most dangerous place to be born as a woman (top 5 are Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia!). In fact before birth, it is a very dangerous place to be fertilized as female in the womb where sex selective abortion is a real problem. In fact this rape culture in some man is probably an extension of not valuing the woman at all.

Addressing this cultural issue is an urgent thing to do for Indian government. But minds will not change overnight even in a generation. So until the minds change, the government should ensure that the rapist will know their lifes will be raped if they rape a woman. Both of these are missing now. According to media, after the horrific incident, the rapists (the bus driver Ram Singh, his brother Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma (an assistant gym instructor), Pawan Gupta (a fruit seller) and a so-called minor Raju) obviously had no regrets since the minor prepared tea after he and Akshay cleaned up the bus in Noida after the rape. So they even did not behave like they did something wrong. Second, they were so sure that they will get away with this murder, most of them returned to work the next morning, the two spent the rest of the night watching music channels on television.[1]

Bus driver Ram Singh, known as "mental", also shoved no remorse and was cold in custody according to the police:[2]

"The six men, who allegedly gang-raped a young girl in a moving bus here on Sunday, were apparently so confident they will not be caught that the assailants carried on with their routine chores the next day while one brought back the vehicle to his house. But luck ran out for the men within 24 hours as police, who were aided by the description provided by the victims about the vehicle, zeroed in on them and even arresting one from Rajasthan where he was in hiding.

Rapist Ram Singh told police that when the victim resisted and bit his hand while being assaulted, he lost his cool and went berserk. A drunk Singh picked up an iron rod and hit the two wherever he could. The other accused just followed him. According to the investigating team led by Inspector Anil Sharma, Singh is a cold and remorseless man. "Initially, he denied everything. But when he began to open up, he chose to divulge each detail, with no repentance. Such brutality does not affect him. He tried to destroy evidence by washing the bus with confidence and told his accomplices to not worry, and lie low for some time. He stayed calm when he went and parked the bus in RK Puram, and then took it back to the owner in Noida. The confidence he shows is not of a novice definitely," the officer said, reported TOI.[3]

Until now, Indian government handled the incident very badly. After the rape instead of rolling some official heads (which was not hard given the fact that the bus driver had previously been stopped for illegal passanger pick-up and bus passed 6 polis locations with curtains down or just because of the simple fact that someone know as "mental" and a ticking time bomb was ferrying little kids every other day), they have chosen to supress the protesters.

According to some sources, Delhi rapist Ram Singh first made news way back in 2011 when he appeared on Kiran Bedi’s popular show Aap Ki Kachehri, Season III, demanding compensation for an arm he lost in a bus accident in 2009. At the end of the show, Ram failed to get the `12 lakh compensation he was demanding from Dutt who tagged him a habitual offender and a rash driver. “He was drunk and driving and injured his left arm. He now drives with one hand only,” Ram Singh’s neighbour tells you at the Ravidas Camp in RK Puram from where four of the six offenders in the bus rape case live.[4] And this person was driving school kids every day before his rape!!!

They may at least now punish the rapists severely.

According to the media, their questioning has revealed how most of the accused had a disturbed past which turned them into remorseless human beings. So what? Millions live with disturbed pasts and mental problems on this planet and bravely face the life and they do not group rape a girl and then remove her intestines with an iron rod! Nothing, mental illness, troubled past, alcohol, drug, whatsoever should be mentioned or used as an excuse for these criminals! Their troubled past is as irrelevant to this case as their hair color!

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