Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sori’s Nude Photos Leaked

On December 21st, 2 nude photos of Korean pop singer Sori (소리) lying down on the bed with no top on were revealed on an online community portal site. The photos are allegedly taken from her cell phone, which she lost 2-3 weeks ago.

Initially Singer Sori’s agency has began to take action against the individual who leaked nude photos of the singer:
Sori’s agency announced, “It’s sad and distressing that such an event happened at a supposed happy time of the year. Through internet investigtion, we found out that the pictures were taken from a phone that has been reported missing for about 2 to 3 weeks. We are currently finding out the IP to find the location of the computer the photos were uploaded with. We will take further action when we find it.”
Source : Sori’s Agency To Take Action against Leaker of Nude Photos
It is later reported that the person who first released the nude photos of Sori has been caught:

On December 24, a representative from her company stated, “The original circulator contacted the company first this past Saturday night. We met the person (gender not specified) and the parents and received her lost phone along with a written apology of the leak.”

The same individual continued, “After finding out the person who leaked her private pictures is an underage student and has sincerely apologized, she is not planning to take further legal action.”
Source : Perpetrator who released Sori’s naked photos has been caught

Kim Sori, known with her stage name Sori, is a Korean pop singer represented by JS Prime Entertainment. She is known for her lead role in the popular musical "Ballerina Who Loved A B-boy" and has since become a solo singer after being rejected to be in the girl group Jewelry in 2006.

Korean singer Sori nude photos
Sori nude photos leaked from her cellphone which she has lost a few weeks ago.

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