Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is this Delhi rapist Ram Singh on TV show Aap Ki Kachehri?

The identities of horrific Delhi rape-torture and murder case has been revealed a few days after the incident. One man named Ram Singh seems to stand out as the mastermind. Who is the alleged rapist Ram Singh? According to various reports, he is a school bus driver, according to his neighbours a dark man called "mental" and according to some media sources he is the man in the below video! Ram Singh has been in  the news way back in 2011. According to  Daily Pioneer , appeared on Kiran Bedi’s popular show Aap Ki Kachehri, Season III where he has demanded compensation for an arm he lost in a bus accident in 2009.

At the end of the show, Ram failed to get the compensation he was demanding from his employer Ganga Dutt, who has tagged him a habitual offender and a rash driver. “He was drunk and driving and injured his left arm. He now drives with one hand only,” Ram Singh’s neighbour tells you at the Ravidas Camp in RK Puram from where four of the six offenders in the bus rape case live:
“Ram Singh and his family, his neighbour adds, were infamous in the settlement as trouble-makers. Ram had earlier run away with a neighbour’s wife who was mother to three daughters. The woman died mysteriously soon afterwards and no one has heard of her daughters ever since. Another neighbour said it was surprising that a man with only one functional hand was allowed to drive a school bus.
Source :  Neighbours not surprised at what Ram Singh did
The Episode called Ram Singh vs Ganga Dutt is on YouTube and the man in the video is allegedly the rapist Ram Singh. The neighbour is quite right: If this is the rapist, despite his involvement in a serious accident and serious disability in arm, how the hell he was let to drive a school bus!

According to the uploader, Ram Singh, the bus driver, who is shown in this episode 
is involved in Delhi Gang Rape and reported as the main accused

The Police says that the alleged rapist showed no remorse and their body language tells that they do not seem to think they did something wrong. This makes police to think that this may not be their first case but may be the first time they have been arrested on rape:
"An investigator said that despite the fact that they were involved in torture, they are not showing any remorse or regret. They appear to be normal, as if they have done nothing wrong. Their body language and the behavior during sustained interrogation has stunned the investigators who now suspect their involvement in other criminal activities.  “First timers never behave like this,” he added.
It is more likely that some cases may have never been reported and that had emboldened them. Investigators said the accused were insolent, behaving as if the crime has not affected them. Ram Singh, the main accused who was arrested Monday, goes about his routine unmoved by the plight of his victim, policemen said.
Police have yet to come across a case lodged against Ram Singh, but investigators say they will not be surprised if it turns out that the man has a criminal history. Ram Singh’s elder brother Rajesh was convicted in a robbery case and is currently lodged in Tihar Jail; his younger brother, Mukesh, is a co-accused in the case."
Source : Remorseless rapists acting like hardened criminals say police.html

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