Friday, December 28, 2012

Orchard Cineleisure attack

Update: Less than a year after this incident, another Cineleisure slashing occured in June 2013 where an NSF man in his 20s was badly injured.

Update: Two men have been arrested for the attack that took place outside Orchard Cineleisure. After their identities were established, Singapore Police have arrested the men, aged 22 and 23, on Saturday and Sunday during a series of raids. The Police is still investigating if there are others involved in the assault.

It is believed no weapon was used and that the incident was not gang-related.

Thursday night, a man in his 20s was attacked near Orchard Cineleisure's main entrance on Grange Road. The incident took place just outside the mall's 7-Eleven convenience store. The man, who has head injuries, was admitted to Singapore General Hospital and he is in the intensive care unit.

According to a netizen who has witnessed the attack and written on Stomp, the man was attacked by four "well built and heavily tattooed" youths, one of whom was armed with a knife.

"The guy was limp on the ground," said Miss Brenda Ng, 19, who witnessed the incident. "He looked like he was barely breathing. His friend came running dramatically and tried to keep him awake. The friend was shouting something in Malay." It is believed that the youth had been attacked by four others, who were described as being 'well built and heavily tattooed', and one of whom witnesses claimed had a knife. [1]

A witness wrote on yahoo sg: "I was there it was terrible the guy stable the young and skinny guy on the floor
It too terrible, and after he hitter the guy he just walked away like nothing happen,..."[2]

Slashing and attacks among youths are rare in Singapore but they still occur. Back in 2010 in an incident known as 2010 Downtown East slashing, a violent clash between gang members claimed the life of a 19-year-old polytechnic student named Darren Ng.

Orchard Cineleisure attack
Orchard Cineleisure attack
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[2] - A man was injured in an attack at Orchard Cineleisure on Thursday evening.

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