Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AirAsia X Adds Child Free Quiet Zone to Flights

Passengers of AirAsia X flying long-haul across China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, Nepal can now book a seat from so-called "Quite Zones" in the planes, rows of seats which cannot be booked for passengers below 12 years of age. These rows are the first seven economy class rows (row 7-14), immediately after the Premium cabin, and according to AirAsia X the zone features a new ambiance with soft lighting, offering a more relaxing cabin atmosphere, which will ensure a more pleasant journey for our guests.

Basically, kids under age 12 are now banned from the first 7 rows of Air Asia X planes. “The airline is not banning kids from travelling, but instead, is enhancing the array of product offerings on board to suit its guests individual needs and preference"  AirAsia X’s Chief Executive Officer, Azran Osman-Rani, said. "We also offer 3 infant bassinets in the other two larger economy cabin sections to cater for families with young children. Hence, offering a fair choice for our guests,” he has added. "We are pleased to carry out another new product option for our guests, an added value to our long-haul, and low fare services on our A330-300 fleet. This product enhancement allows our guests to have a more pleasant and peaceful journey with minimal noise and less disturbance. A heavenly package for those who wants peace of mind.”

If you are interested in flying in the “Quiet Zone” cabin, you can simply choose the pick-a-seat option during the booking process within the ”Quiet Zone” cabin area. Air Asia X does not charge anything extra for these seats except for the standard pick-a-seat fee.

Time will show how effective these seats will be. A kid on row 15 still has potential to ruin the heavenly package with 100 meter range screams.

AirAsia X is a long-haul, budget airline based in Malaysia. AirAsia X flies to destinations within Asia and Oceania.

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