Thursday, February 14, 2013

Malaysia Airlines baggage allowance is 10 kg more now

Starting from February 14th 2012, Malaysia Airlines passengers will enjoy an additional 10 kilograms free checked baggage allowance and reduced excess baggage charges for travel in all classes. These apply to all travel from this date irrespective of tickets issued earlier reflecting the original lower free allowance.

Under the new Malaysia Airlines baggage allowance guidelines all adult and child passengers can enjoy 30, 40, and 50 kilograms free baggage allowance respectively for travel on economy, business and first class. Charges for checked baggage weights in excess of the new free allowance are now calculated depending on zone of travel with a fixed rate applied for every 5 kilograms of excess baggage weight. The excess baggage rate for each block of 5 kilograms excess weight will be RM 30, RM 60 and RM 90 respectively depending on zone of travel.

In Malaysia, the rate of RM 30 applies for each sector in the zone within Malaysia and the ASEAN countries of Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. RM 60 applies for sectors in the zone beyond Malaysia and ASEAN, covering destinations in India, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia.

The intercontinental rate of RM 90 will be charged on all travel between Malaysia and the cities of Jeddah, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Istanbul. For return travel from the international cities, the RM value of the applicable zone charge will be converted into the local currency of payment during check-in.

The above guidelines apply only for travel on Malaysia Airlines and does not cover code-share flights as well as travel involving other airlines.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380-800
Malaysia Airlines now offers additional 10 kg checked baggage allowances  and reduced excess baggage charges.

In the press release of the news[1], Malaysia Airlines’ Group Chief Executive Officer Encik Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said, “The revised checked baggage policy improves our product proposition in the ever-changing competitive landscape of the commercial aviation industry. This is also in line with our Business Plan strategy of ‘Winning Back Customers’.” “As travellers are becoming more discerning in selecting their air travel options, we have simplified the excess baggage rates to introduce a consistent policy for our passengers that delivers significant savings while they enjoy our premium service hospitality,” he added.

[1] - Malaysia Airlines Offers Higher Checked Baggage Allowances - Reduced Excess Baggage Charges Also for Travel From 14 February 2013

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