Monday, February 25, 2013

Ex Vice President in Barclays Capital Victor Vassiltsov sparked an online uproar

Oh no not again! An ex Vice President in Barclays Capital, Victor Vassiltsov, has sparked an uproar after he posted a Facebook comment saying NS is a joke and deriding the talent of locals here. With full arrogance in motion, this retrenched foreign super talent has wrote "I am in (Singapore) because I have higher skills than any locals here". As one of the Facebook users predicted, his Facebook page message tread is screenshot and put on internet and gone viral.

It seems like his "higher than locals" skills did not help him a lot since according to several online forums, Victor Vassiltsov have been retrench from Barclays Capital since last month and is currently unemployed but still staying in Singapore.

This is not the first time a Barclays employee got attention for all the wrong reasons in Singapore. Back in November 2012 Olivier Desbarres, former head of FX strategy for Asia Pacific excluding Japan at Barclays, was fired from Barclays after the outburst in a construction site where he has used racial slurs and vulgarities and threatened the workers to burn their houses and construction equipment.

Victor Vassiltsov Facebook screenshot

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