Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to extend your Singapore Short Term Visit Pass?

When you enter Singapore, you are usually given a short term visit pass which is valid for 30 days. But sometimes you may want to or need to stay more than that. So how do you extend your Singapore Short Term Visit Pass? You have two options: Either you need to (a) leave Singapore and come back or (b) you extend your short term visit pass. Option (b) is easier since you do not need to cross the border to Malaysia and come back and basically it can be done online without moving anywhere. Extension of Short Term Visit Pass (e-XTEND) online is quite straight forward. Recently we have used it for my sister-in-law who was here to help my wife with our newborn. She was supposed to go back in Chinese New Year but she preferred to stay 10 days more to help my wife so we have extended her stay.

You can extend your Singapore short term visit pass for either 30 days or 89 days. But you need to apply for extension at least 2 working days before the visit pass expiry date. Apply minimum 4-5 working days before the expiry to have enough buffer for an appeal.

As a foreigner you can apply Individual extension by following the link. Sometimes you may be required to visit ICA together with your local sponsor.

Extension of Short Term Visit Pass (e-XTEND)

In our case, we have simply filled the form which can be reached from Apply for Extension up to 30 days on the web page. Here you fill in the required information such as name, birth date, nationality, country of birth, travel document no and DE card no. We have applied on Tuesday around 14:00 and the result was out by Wednesday after 17:00 PM. The form does not require any reason to be specified for the extension or information on local sponsor but if you are called, you need to pay a visit to ICA.

For 89 days extension, your local sponsor need to sign-in by his/her SingPass.

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