Monday, January 2, 2017

Ride sharing service for schoolkids Schoolber

There is not a new ride-sharing app for schoolkids in Singapore named Schoolber Pte. Ltd. Positioning itself as school transportation service in Singapore, 3 months old company has just released its app and started operation before the new school season. Schoolber app allows parent-drivers and subscribing parents to find each other and negotiate rates between $70 and $150 per month, based on one or two-way rides and the distance traveled. The app also alerts parents when their kids are dropped off and picked up and track their kids through the journey.

The app has 800 subscribers for now and to increase it to 2,400; they are planning to pair up with car rental companies like WhizzCar and Popular Rent-A-Car. The elevetor pitch of the company is simple :
Private school transport for your child at affordable rates. Say goodbye to waking up early. No more long detours to pick up many students. No more paying fee for school holiday months. Go to to register your interest now!
Parents would ask a lot of questions before letting a stranger to pick up their kids. For example, What happens if a driver does not turn up as scheduled? Schoolber says the drivers are profiled based on their commitment. Priority is given to parent driver with their child in the same school or nearby schools. This would highly reduced the chance of drivers not turning up as scheduled.

Ride sharing service for schoolkids Schoolber

TodayOnline reports one schoolber driver on the service, a housewife named Wendy Loh. According to the news article, she will fetch two other children going to the same school — Tao Nan Primary — as her two children. The passengers live no more than 500m away from her house, the 37-year-old said. For sending the children to and from school, she expects to make S$220 per month.

Under Road Traffic Act (Chapter 276) Road Traffic (Car Pools) (Exemption) Order 2015, a car owner can now accept payment from passengers who carpool. It is however illegal for drivers to solicit for passengers on the road, in public spaces or parking lots. Destinations of passengers must be clarified before the journey and drivers cannot offer more than two rides per day.

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