Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Singapore beauty Naomi Neo

Born in January 1996, Naomi Neo (梁文珊) is one of the youngest and most influential online personality in Singapore with approximately 140K subscribers on YouTube, total of 146K likes & followers on Facebook and so on. She has been blogging and making videos since 09' which is where her main source of income comes from.

Naomi is currently in her second year Diploma, majoring in Arts Management. 5"1 in height (about 1.54 m) and 38kg - 40kg, this Singapore beauty is currently single.

Naomi's website is www.naomineo.com. You can follow her on Instagram at naomineo_ and her Facebook page is Naomi Neo. She also has a YouTube channel Naomi Neo YouTube.

A photo posted by Naomi Neo 梁文珊 (@naomineo_) on

A photo posted by Naomi Neo 梁文珊 (@naomineo_) on

MY ROOM TOUR VID IS OUT! Watch is on YouTube.com/naomineo or click the link from my bio ;)

A photo posted by Naomi Neo 梁文珊 (@naomineo_) on

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