Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why Some Men have More Success with Women than Others

At any one point in a man's life, we've probably had friends or seen some guys who were just so smooth with the ladies. We wonder about what they said or did that made women smitten over them. And we wonder what was the missing link that we were lacking.

When I was in my tertiary years (before I became good with women) I used to have a close friend, Ben. Ben was a regular dude. He wasn't exceptionally good looking, or tall; just clean and hip (back in the 90's) But Ben was Naturally good with girls.

Because we were close, we hung out a lot. I watched as he went on countless of dates and was perpetually texting some girl. It got to a point where we were once at a club and he asked me to point to any girl and he would walk up to her and get to know her. They actually ended up dating.

I felt like a boy scout. I compared myself to Ben and tried to find the missing link. We are about on par in terms of looks. Neither of us were filthy rich (we were still students back then).

Fast forward, after years of attaining abundance in my Dating life, I realised that it isn't really as complicated as I once thought it was.

The Key is Intention

In life, you need Intention to  achieve your career or personal goals.

Why are you Friend-zoned? Because your Intention wasn't clear or strong enough.

You lack the guts to do something? Your Intention is weak.

Why did your colleague get that raise or promotion and not you? Your Intention wasn't strong enough.

Why Some Men have More Success with Women than Others

Ben was "naturally"good with women because his intentions were strong and clear. On the contrary, the old Me could get nowhere though I went on many dates. My date would question my intentions in her mind: " Okay, he's a nice guy..but.. Is he trying to be a friend? Or is he really interested in me."

Women are attracted to Men with strong Intentions. These Intentions are not solely with regards to his interest towards her but also his Intentions towards his own life. Is he driven? Is he passionate? etc.

Be cautious though, as you work on this. It has to be Tactful and Progressive. Otherwise, you might come off as a Serial Killer rather than the Casanova you intended to be.

Ethan Lee - Lead Instructor at http://gentlemens-secrets.asia

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