Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sarah Song praises fitness of Louis Cheung and Shawn Yue tells Jason Chan to learn from them

Hong Kong actress beauty queen Sarah Song (宋熙年) and  British-born Hong Kong actor and television presenter Jason Chan (陳智燊) were recently in an event and they were complaining that they had gained weight because of their busy and unpredictable work schedules and cold weather.

Jason Chan revealed that Sarah praises Louis Cheung's (張繼聰) and Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue's (余文樂)  fit bodies and keeps telling him to learn from them.

Since 2009, 39 years old Jason Chan is rumored to be dating 2007 Miss Chinese International winner Sarah Song, who lives at different towers within the same residential complex. 10 August 2014, Sarah had posted a photo of herself and Jason Chan. The two were on a dinner together as a celebration of Sarah Song's 29th birthday. In the photo, the sweet couple were smiling happily as the former Miss China International contestant wraps her hand across the Jason's shoulders.

Sarah Song captioned her photo, saying, "Thank you for another birthday. More wonderful birthdays ahead...but hopefully not wrinkles." This post was then regarded by the public as her confirmation that she is in fact in a relationship with Jason Chan.

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