Monday, March 26, 2012

44 per cent of Singapore professionals are actively looking to relocate to another city

According to the survey of Human Resource consultancy MRI China Group, 44.2 per cent of 325 professionals polled in Singapore were actively looking to relocate to another city. Percentage of Hong Kong professionals looking for a greener pasture somewhere else was much lower at 29.4 per cent. According to the survey which has been conducted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, Hong Kong professionals were the happiest to root in this vibrant city. On the other hand Taiwan based professionals were the most eager to move with more than half of 294 professionals polled, 51 per cent, were actively looking for relocation. Actually the report's title summarizes the findings :

Survey also answers which foreign countries are the most popular among Singaporean professionals. Australia and New Zealand were by far the most popular destinations. More than half of the Singapore based relacation seekers have said they want these countries as destination. Europe is the second most preferred destination (47 %) followed by ASEAN (46 %), Shanghai (45%) and Hong Kong (45%).

On the other hand Singapore tops the preferred destinations among Hong Kong based professionals who are actively looking for overseas jobs. Reason? Obviously money, especially the current strong Singapore dollar and low-tax environment are the draw. It is also less than 3 hours of flight.

Having an overseas work is a great enhancing experience for a professional and it looks very good in ones resume. Overseas job markets are also much larger and deeper than what Singapore can offer.

The survey finds a correlation between the place of overseas education and the preference of respondents choice of destination abroad. Also, half of the respondents from Hong Kong and Singapore were not
born locally.

Source : Singapore, Taiwanese, and China Top Talent Equally Willing to Relocate, But Not So Hong Kong Professionals

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