Friday, March 23, 2012

Buying electronics from Hong Kong is cheaper compared to Singapore

For many in Singapore, Hong Kong is the place to buy branded and luxury clothes, bags and shoes since they are cheaper to buy from Hong Kong instead of Singapore. So when someone heads to Hong Kong for anything, he/she usually carries a shopping list from friends and family to buy these items. But this shopping list should also include electronic gadgets since they are also much cheaper in Hong Kong compared to Singapore says Tan Chong Yaw in Digitial Life (The Straits Times). Savings can be as much as 35 per cent and for some expensive items like Canon EOS 1D Mark III, it can be 4,000 SGD+.

This is actually a known fact for many Singaporeans visiting Hong Kong regularly. They buy main stream consumer electronics, camera lenses, smart phones, and tablets from Hong Kong. You can check the prices in Hong Kong from a web site named before heading there so you can decide to buy something from Singapore or Hong Kong. Since not all items are cheaper or even available in Hong Kong, it is wise to do some online check before heading there.

Singapore Dollar has appreciated in recent years against other currencies as a MAS policy to keep inflation tamed. Since 2009, Singapore Dollar appreciated to a level where it is 20 per cent stronger than 2009 levels. And although this has made Singaporean products more expensive for outside world, outside world became cheaper for Singaporeans.

Hong Kong is relatively near to Singapore and a flight from here to Hong Kong would take less than 3 hours. The destination is popular in Singapore, one in every seven Singaporeans visited Hong Kong last year!

Below is a sample price comparison taken from DL The Straits Times, March 21st 2012 edition:

Gadget Singapore
List Price (SGD)
Hong Kong
List Price (HKD)
Hong Kong
List Price (SGD)
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S 688 3698 610 78
Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB 1238 6688 1104 134
Apple new iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 658 3888 642 16
Nikon D3X 13888 64800 10692 3196
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II 3699 18980 3132 567
Canon EOS 1D Mark III 12799 49800 8217 4582
Canon EOS 600D 18-55 mm kit 1199 6680 1102 97
Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM 3599 19980 3297 302
Canon PowerShot S100 699 3680 607 92
Sony Playstation Vita Wi-Fi 399 2280 376 23
Sony Vaio Z VPCZ228GG 3999 22980 3792 20

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