Sunday, June 10, 2012

Asus tweet from behind and then apologizes

"We apologise for the inappropriate comment on Twitter earlier. We will take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again." This was from the tweeter account of electronics company Asus, referring to a previous tweet which has been found by some sexist. In that tweet, Asus said "the rear looks pretty nice. so does the new Transformet AIO" with a picture taken from behind of a booth babe demonstrating Transformer AIO tablet at Computex 2012 with a white gown (see the picture below):

"A company's misogynistic tweet admiring the 'rear' of a booth girl at a technology conference has ignited a sexism row in the technology industry as thousands of gaming companies descend on LA for the E3 conference. 
ASUS, a Taiwan-based electronics company, came under fire as it introduced widely-anticipated new versions of its Transformer AIO tablet at the Computex Summit in Taipei on Monday. 
The company’s Twitter account posed a photo from behind of a so-called 'booth babe' - a model hired by companies as eye candy for their products - holding one of ASUS's newest devices (a computer that is both a tablet and a laptop, thanks to a double-sided screen).
So-called booth babes have long been a fixture of technology conferences - with this week's industry leading event in Los Angeles being no exception."[1]
Promotional models, largely known as booth babes, have recently been heavily used in Asian Fairs and Festivals and has started to attract both crowds and critics.

Asus Booth Babe
Source : Yahoo News
[1] - Sexism row hits tech industry over tweet praising booth babe's 'rear'

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