Friday, June 15, 2012

Discover Brunei: A Brunei travel guide as an iPad App

If you are planning to travel to Brunei Darussalam, a small country  on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia, you should take a look at this free iPad app called Discover Brunei from  Brunei Tourism Board's (BTB). In fact, Discover Brunei iPad application has already been a hit in iTunes and at a point in time, it was in the Top 10 Free Applications list according to the BTB CEO. The application is developed by a young start-up company named MeSixty founded in Brunei and built upon the company’s geo-social media indexing technology. According to The Brunei Times, the geo-social network integration is a unique feature on the Discover Brunei app that makes it stand out from the crowd of tourist and travel apps of various countries in the app store.[1]

Discover Brunei iPad app has 12 sections including where to stay, shop and eat, as well a photo gallery and useful tips provided by Instagram and Foursquare users.[1] The application includes detailed write ups of places to stay, shop, eat and visit; full of high quality professional photos and videos and useful tips about getting around, national holidays, local customs and amenities. The guide also provides information on tour guides, travels agents, shopping malls, hotels and service apartments.

Discover Brunei iPad App
Discover Brunei iPad App
While providing tourist information, the app also offers a fun way to learn about Bruneian culture through its interactive content. Users can learn useful phrases and tips by tapping to hear what they sound like in Malay, the local language of Brunei. Users can also experience the traditional Gulingtangan instrument by tapping on the different gongs to hear what they sound like, or swipe across the image to see a full 360-degree view of them.[2]

MeSixty heavily integrated their Chatworthy app, which uses a patented technology enabling users to discover and share Instagram posts by their location, to the Discover Brunei iPad app.

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