Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pod Hotels getting popular

Standard hotel rooms in New York are very expensive yet they are very small. But with the introduction of pod hotels in the city, which are inspired by Japan's capsule hotel, hoteliers now may have very small but at least relatively cheaper hotels.

Capsule hotels first appeared and are highly popular in Japan but they did not have the same popularity in other countries. On the other hand, they have inspired small cabin style hotels which are larger and often comes with their own private bath in first European airports and then other parts of the world. For example a standard cabin of the Yotel Hotel Gatwick Airport in London (Ground Floor Arrivals Concourse South Terminal Gatwick Airport)  is designed as a first-class plane cabin. Yotel has also 2 more pod hotels in Europe (Yotel Schiphol Hotel AmsterdamYotel Heathrow Airport London) and a hotel in New York at Times Square West.

These less than 100 sq ft hotel rooms comes with bare minimum to shower, sleep and rest but provides a very budget alternative to the typical hotel room of larger size. According to the New York Times, they are now gaining popularity in New York. New York Times report that the first entry in New York was the 345-room Pod Hotel in east Manhattan, which opened in early 2007 with room rates that start at US$ 89 a night. And it must be popular. The developer of the Pod, BD Hotels, plans to open another in Manhattan  some time this month and plans to open other Pod Hotels in other US cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington.

Yotel Cabin - Source :
In Manhattan New York city, there will also be 2 more pod hotels by 2014; Pod36 and Pod51 which offer tiny rooms with stylish, smart design. Unlike original Pod rooms, these will offer private bathrooms for each rooms. Both hotels will have bunk beds:

There are also several pod style accommodation options in Singapore, where hotel prices are the most expensive in Asia. One of them, Matchbox the Concept Hostel, provides pod-style dormitories in a very good and central location for only around SG$40 (US$31) per night. Another one is Wink Hostel, which also offers  “pod” style beds; from SD$50 (US$38) for single pod and SG$90 (US$70) for double pod per night. In Changi Airport, for transit passangers, there is also Ambassador Transit Hotel (Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3) which provides budget rooms with only TV and bed (shower and toilet common) for SG$47 (US$36) per 6 hours.

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