Friday, June 15, 2012

Google Search Engine Tools

Google search engine is the most popular tool on the web, used by hundreds of millions as a start point to access to internet. It is so integrated in our lives that many of us use it to access to a web page even if we use it daily (for example I usually google “Bloomberg” to access its web site instead of typing it on the browser’s address bar). And of course many of us say “googled” instead of “searched”.

But Google’s search engine is much more than a search engine! It has many cool features not known and used by many people. For example, it can perform currency conversion and mathematical calculations!
Just search 100 USD IN EUR and you will see the conversion as in the below image. Although the rates used by Google's built-in currency converter are not real time and as accurate as the ones provided by specialized services (see Google's disclaimer here) they are good enough to give some idea about the rates.

Online Currency Conversion with Google Search
Actually, Google's search engines built-in unit conversion functionality is not limited with currency conversion. It can convert between many units. For example below is the result of searching 30000 feet in meters. Of for example if you search kg in pound you will get the following result : 1 pounds = 0.45359237 kilograms.

Online Currency Conversion with Google Search

Google search engine has many built-in functionality like this. One of them, which I frequently use due to the nature of my work is Local Time function. Simply type in time in [City/Country] and Google will give you the local time for any city in the world. Below is the result of searching Time in Kuala Lumpur.

Some examples are:

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