Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JEM ceiling collapse injures 3

Update: A day after JEM ceiling collapse, the mall is closed until further notice. According to inspections by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), there was a leak in the water-pipe and the weight of the water, which collected on the false ceiling, was a likely cause of the false ceiling collapse. BCA has ordered the building owner to close off the affected area and to get a professional engineer to check all the false ceilings in the mall and investigate the nature of the false ceiling collapse. The building owner has also asked its consultants to check the water pipes for any other signs of leakage.

JEM Mall's first floor ceiling collapsed due to a burst water pipeline and injured two yesterday night at 10:15 PM.

"I was walking and heard a loud sound coming from behind me. When I turned around, the ceiling just fell to the floor and water gushed out" a witness said. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said three people suffered minor injuries and had to be taken to hospital.

"I actually heard a very loud bump sound. I actually ran there because I saw everybody running. So when I got there, I saw the whole ceiling (at level two) collapsed... there was water rushing out of the pipes" another witness said.

Jem (Chinese: 裕廊东广场) is a suburban mall situated in Jurong East, Singapore. JEM is the first lifestyle hub in western Singapore with integration of shopping, entertainment and residence at the same location.
The mall is also directly connected to Jurong East MRT station and close to Jurong East Bus Interchange.

JEM ceiling collapse
JEM ceiling collapse - Photo: The Straits Times
JEM ceiling collapse is the 3rd incident in the brand new mall in Jurong East. Last month, a deep fryer at NTUC FairPrice Xtra cought fire and 3 employees in the shop were injured. In another incident, a Nissan saloon caught fire in JEM's carpark last month. Jem's official opening was initially to be on 11 June 2013 but due to tenant permit issues, the opening of the mall was delayed.

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