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Samsung Galaxy S5 in Singapore : SingTel, StarHub and M1 Samsung Galaxy S5 contract price plans for Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in Singapore is 11 April 2014. Samsung's Galaxy S5 LTE price will be S$1,068 without contract. Customers who pre-registered for the Samsung Galaxy S4 online with the three local mobile operators (M1Singtel and StarHub) will be entitled to a limited edition Galaxy S5 LTE Limited Edition Accessory Pack offering an extra Battery Kit and HDTV Adapter. Registration for Samsung Galaxy S5 began on 28 March.

Samsung Galaxy S5 or simply Galaxy S5 will have a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display and is powered by a 2.5GHz Quad Core Snapdragon processor. The new smartphone has a DSL like 16 mega pixels rear camera and a 2 mega pixels front facing camera. The phone is 8.1 mm thick and weights only 145 grams. It runs on Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) and is water-proof.

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE is a slim phone with a big screen and a fast chip. The smartphone has a mobile camera sensor tech called ISOCELL, a dedicated optical heart rate monitor and the new fingerprint scanner.

And if you can be one of the first 100 to collect and make full payment for your pre-ordered GALAXY S5 LTE at Samsung Experience Stores at VivoCity, Paragon or Westgate, you can qualify for the Sure-Win Lucky Dip!

Samsung Galaxy S5, the new release of Samsung Galaxy S Series smartphones, release date in Singapore is 11 April 2014. Samsung Galaxy S4 was also released in April in Singapore.

How much Samsung Galaxy S5 cost in Singapore? Many people will go for contract and Samsung Galaxy S5 plans are also available andretail price will be $1,068 without contract. StarHub, SingTel and M1, 3 telcos in Singapore, have also announced their Samsung Galaxy S4 price plans as below.

But if you will buy without contract, also check out this limited time Samsung Galaxy S5 deal. You can have Samsung Galaxy S5 for only $899 for (36% discount).

SingTel Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Contract Price Plan
Galaxy S5 Price Monthly subscription cost Data Bundle Total Cost for 2 years
Lite 688 SGD 39,9 SGD 2 GB 1.645,6 SGD
Value 398 SGD 59,9 SGD 3 GB 1.835,6 SGD
Plus 218 SGD 99,9 SGD 4 GB 2.615,6 SGD
Prestige 98 SGD 239,9 SGD 12 GB 5.855,6 SGD

M1 Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Contract Price Plan
Galaxy S5 Price Monthly subscription cost Data Bundle Total Cost for 2 years
ValueSurf+ 688 SGD 39 SGD N/A 1.624,0 SGD
LiteSurf+ 398 SGD 59 SGD N/A 1.814,0 SGD
ExtremeSurf+ 218 SGD 98 SGD N/A 2.570,0 SGD
MaxSurf+ 98 SGD 198 SGD N/A 4.850,0 SGD

StarHub Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Contract Price Plan
Galaxy S5 Price Monthly subscription cost Data Bundle Total Cost for 2 years
SmartSurf Lite 699 SGD 38,0 SGD 2 GB 1.611,0 SGD
SmartSurf Value 399 SGD 58,0 SGD 4 GB 1.791,0 SGD
SmartSurf Premium 299 SGD 98,0 SGD 6 GB 2.651,0 SGD
SmartSurf Elite 99 SGD 208,0 SGD 12 GB 5.091,0 SGD

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE in Singapore
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE is in Singapore from 11 April 2014.
Here are some interesting features of Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE:

The smartphone comes with a built-in Heart Rate Sensor that enables you to measure your heart rate directly with your phone. To measure your heart rate, you just simply place your finger on the back of the GALAXY S5 LTE.

Galaxy S5's Real Time HDR, can take pictures/videos with strong lighting contrast mirroring to what your eyes see. With this technology, Samsung claims that your pictures will be reproduced vividly just like the preview with natural lights.

Selective focus lets you choose what you want to focus and make the subject the centre of attention. You can blur the background and accentuate the foreground in defined detail, and vice versa.
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Selective Focus
Fast Focus on the other hand lets you shoot and capture action as it's happening. Galaxy S5's Fast Auto Focus speed allows you to seize spontaneous moments on the go.

When enabled Ultra Power Saving Mode extends your remaining 10% battery life with up to 30 hours' worth of standby time. When this feature is enabled S5 LTE's screen will change to black and white and shut down all unnecessary features.

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