Wednesday, April 23, 2014

McDonald's Singapore Hello Kitty Bubbly World promotion release date

McDonald's is back with a new Hello Kitty toy collection to fuel the Singaporeans’ obsession with Hello Kitty. From April 28th, McDonald's will release Hello Kitty Bubbly World promotion to celebrate the iconic Japanese character Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. Hello Kitty Bubbly World collection of plush toys will go on sale at McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore from 28 April. The set features Hello Kitty dressed as six other famous Sanrio characters - Kerokerokeroppi, a frog, My Melody, a rabbit, Osaru No Monkichi, a monkey, PomPomPurin, a golden retriever, Tuxedosam, a penguin dressed in a tuxedo and Bad Badtz-maru, a spiky-haired penguin. McDonald's will release The Kerokerokeroppi toy first, followed by the others.

But before they become available in the restaurants, fans can already purchase Hello Kitty Bubbly World promotion toys online.And the online sales was once again greeted by Kitty mania fueled by fans and opportunistic "resellers" who are hoping to buy the Hello Kitty set to resell to collectors for a handsome profit. The McDonald's Hello Kitty set is offered for $80 on online site. In the black market, they are sold for $120++ or much more.

This is the first time McDonald’s is selling online the the entire collection of plush Hello Kitty toys in an exclusive Collectors’ Set. The set includes all six individually-boxed plush toys, a 40th Anniversary certificate and six Extra Value Meal vouchers.

The set went on sales at 11 AM today online but just at noon time, McDonald's Singapore posted the below message on their Facebook page: "Dear customers, we thank you for your support. The site is functioning but due to extremely high traffic, the site is taking longer than usual to load. Please be patient and keep trying. Thank you!"

If the past queues are a sign that expect long queues for the toys once they are released here on April 28th.

McDonalds Singapore Hello Kitty Bubbly World promotion online sales site
McDonalds Singapore Hello Kitty Bubbly World promotion online sales site
The last time McDonald's released Hello Kitty toys were in 2013. The  Hello Kitty Fairy Tales collection was sold-out in days 

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