Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cineleisure Auntie Zheng Po Po passed away

She was one of the well known street sellers in Singapore. Zheng Po Po, the old lady selling her stuffs outside Orchard Cineleisure unfortunately passed away today at 00.06 am. She was 84 years old. According to the media, she has died of colon cancer. The news first appeared on Tere Tan's Facebook page and later the post was shared by Project Awareness:

Guys for ur info. Zheng po po passed away today at SGH. Hold she really gave u guys memories of Aunty cineleisure. Guess she is now in the good hands of (God/laotianye/Allah) whatever.. Hope she rest in peace and move on to afterlife to find peace and hope.

According to Tere Tan's post, she was seen sick and in pain on May 31st:

This elderly lady looks familar outside cine? Whenever i saw her or at orchard seeling her goods, i would pass her 2dollar to 10dollars. But when i walk pass her or to visit her today (31/5/14), i realise she is in pain and she is vomitting non stop. I ask if she wan to go see doctor, she say too expensive. I asked her stop selling if she is not feeling well but she told me she cant cause she need to pay her medical bills. She is still selling there now and vomitting beside her at the same time.

I saw her selling there since i was 16 when i was working in kbox at cineleisure, but now i am 23,seeing her like this, i cant help to post this on facebook , see if i ever get any attention from anyone who is capable to give her a helping hand. I just stand there and my just "tahan" not to cry. She moved my heart but i cant do anything, i am not rich, i am just a normal boy earning normal wages and working hard. 

so Pls if anyone knws and fountation or charity. Pls help me to contact them on this matter:) anyone knows her details or where she stays pls pm me tooo

According to a June 2013 blog post by a Melbourne-based blogger, she was 83 years old. You can read the blogpost about her here:

Amidst luxury brands and high street stores Singapore’s Orchard Road is famous for sits an old lady just outside Mandarin Gallery peddling an assortment of eclectic wares. From packets of tissue paper to a bottle of dark soy sauce, I always wondered why she chose such a spot (without shelter) to sell her stuff. But she was one of those people at the back of my mind. I never cared for more than five minutes, sometimes stopping to pass her some spare cash on hand.

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