Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lost iphone in Singapore

Today we have lost our iPhone while we were travelling from Senkang to Serangoon. iPhone was probably lost when we were walking along the road from our house to the MRT station. It must have fall down from the pram or our 1.5 years old daughter had just threw it. Somehow, it has gone.

The strange thing was that when we have realized the iPhone was missing, I have called back the number and it was turned off. We were sure that it was fully charged and open when we lost it. So we have speculated that the phone is found and taken by someone (although I am quite sure that it was not directly taken from us) whos has just turned it off.

Anyway, I am writing this article to guide people how to report the lost iPhone or indeed any valuable thing you have lost. We have gone to police station but the IMEI number was not with us. The officers gave us an online address where we can lodge the report.

So, you do not really go to a police station to report a missing item. just go to address and select report. There you will be guided how to lodge a report. To report a missing phone, you will need to enter IMEI number. This number is behind the original box of the phone. We kept the box for 3 years so we could enter it easily.

You should keep a separate note of your IMEI number in case you lose your handset or it stops working. In most cases, you can determine your device's unique identifier (or IMEI number) by dialling * # 06 # on your handset. The number should be displayed on the screen.

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