Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Syed Alwi Road body in suitcase

A "karang guni" man had a grisly finding at Syed Alwi Road at the Jalan Besar area in Singapore yesterday. A suitcase in a trolley he found contained a legless body of an unidentified man according to Singapore media. Singapore Police said they received a call for assistance at 6:04 pm, and that an upper body without legs was found in a piece of luggage.

According to the Straits Times, an eyewitness, Mr Goh, saw a middle-aged man attempting to carry the blood-soaked luggage. Mr Goh then stopped the man and called the police. According to Channel News Asia, A fruit stall owner  saw an "old man" asked two tourists for help in pushing a trolley with a suitcase. When they touched the bag, their hands were stained with blood. It prompted them to ask the shop owner for permission to wash their hands on his premises.

Later, Singapore Police have arrested two Pakistani men, aged 25 and 43 at around 3 pm on the day the suitcase was found. Police believes that the body in the suitcase belongs to a 59 years old. The victim's name is Mohamed Noor. Here is the Facebook post released by Singapore Police Force:
Police have arrested two male Pakistan Nationals, aged 25 and 43, in connection to the case where a body was found at Syed Alwi Road. 
On 11 June 2014 at about 6.04 pm, Police had received a call for assistance along Syed Alwi Road. Upon Police’s arrival, an upper body without both legs was found in a luggage at the said location. Upon receipt of the report, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department, the Police Intelligence Department, Central Police Division and Tanglin Police Division responded immediately and conducted intensive probes and ground enquiries including a systematic sweep surrounding the crime scene, in pursuing all available leads.
All 3 man were in Singapore for a short while and selling tissues to survive.

On Friday, Singapore Police  have recovered a pair of legs belonging to the body. The legs were found in the vicinity of Jalan Kubor.

The video below, which is uploaded to YouTube, shows a policeman opening the suitcase.

Dead body found in luggage bag near Syed Alwi Road

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