Saturday, June 7, 2014

Curious case of scary looking Hougang doll

I saw this post in Ghost Files Singapore Facebook page two days ago. It showed a picture of a scary looking doll taken recently in Hougang. Apparently the doll has been used for black magic and the blindfold on it has "Allah" in Arabic spelt backwards.

The conversation and speculations soon flooded in Facebook and twitter. People started to claim that the doll was possessed and its owner dumped it there with blindfold to prevent the doll to follow her:

"So I was reading the tweets of the owner of the doll. This doll is possessed. They have found out that this doll is possessed when it moved when the owner is not around. So they bind and blinded it on a tree. Blind with the white cloth so it won't follow anyone. Interesting yet scary but the owner claims that the doll has vanished already ..."

The scary doll in Hougang looks like the famous Pontianak, vampiric ghost in Malay and Indonesian mythology. Pontianak are usually depicted as pale-skinned women with long hair and dressed in white, but they are said to be able to take on a beautiful appearance since they prey on men. So if you see this doll, run as fast as you can : Pontianak famously kills her victims by digging her way into the victims stomach by her long and sharp nails before sucking his eyes from his skull!

scary looking Hougang doll
Scary looking doll in Hougang
Later another post appeared in Ghost Files Singapore Facebook page about the doll:

"We started something and we hope to clarify one key important point. The doll wasn't left at the tree. The owner of the doll, a young lady, has the doll with her at HOME. 

Lots of Facebook and Instagram posts about a curse and a doll wandering around Hougang. While that will make an interesting movie, it's false."

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