Sunday, March 27, 2011

Global real-time market data to any mobile device in Singapore at a fraction of the price

Real time market data is expensive, very expensive. A Bloomberg or Reuters terminal per seat can cost 2,000 dollars a month and even for a mid-sized financial firm the cost can easily add up to millions of dollars per year. These terminals work like a traditional TV channel subscription where you subscribe for whole hours of the channel and even if you watch one show or all the shows, you pay the same price.

There is an alternative to this approach where you only pay for the data you need, CarryQuote Professional CNBC Edition. CarryQuote, the company, is headquartered in Switzerland and has offices in
the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and China. They have just launched this CNBC edition in Singapore and currently have 400 users in Singapore. CarryQuote, makes financial data of the world on any mobile device with the fraction of the cost (500 real time snapshot quotes and streaming TV for $24.99 a month). The trick is explained by Singapore Business Review:
"The trick is that instead of a continuous feed of data, which a professional would pay for, users can request an instant ‘snapshot’ of a live data price for about 5 cents. CarryQuote CEO and co-founder Michael Stennicke told Singapore Business Review it was analogous to the iTunes of financial information. 
“Instead of having to buy the whole CD you can just buy the track, and with CarryQuote instead of having to subscribe to the whole live data feed, you just pay each time you want a live quote.”[1]
This is possible thanks to hard work of CarryQuote team, who made it technically possible for all mobile platforms and also convinced hundreds of exchanges around the world to make financial data available to non-professional investors.

Financial data to smartphones and tablets

Vast majority of real-time market data users only need on-demand “snapshots” of real-time data and have no
need for streaming tick data. For example when you mostly need to look at spot price of gold, and all the data streamed between your two queries are not needed. You can sure look at time delayed data free from internet but if you want timely data you can use an application like this. When you query the snapshot CarryQuote provides this on-demand  real-time financial data to you for 5 cents.

This is also a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This offers fi nancial institutions a highly-advanced solution, fully compatible with major mobile and online platforms, and scalable to handle the largest possible deployments. All with no signi cant IT investment or in-house mobile expertise. Further, enterprise-level solutions can be deployed in weeks, rather than years.[2]

[1] - THE ITUNES OF FINANCIAL QUOTES LAUNCHES, Singapore Business Review in March 2011.
[2] - CarryQuote Professional CNBC Edition™ Brochure

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