Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Lion King musical is in Singapore

The Lion King musical, based on the 1994 animated film of the same name is in Singapore for a while and will be in Sands Theater, Marina Bay Sands. This is the first time this successful Disney musical is in South East Asia.

The story is simple and loosely based on Bible stories of Joseph and Moses and the William Shakespeare play Hamlet. A young prince loses and then reclaims his kingdom after learning from his mistakes and regaining his sense of self. The animated feature film of The Lion King is one of the highest grossing films of all time and it won two academy awards and the golden globe award for the best motion picture. This film was translated into 44 different languages including Zulu.

The ticket prices for The Lion King musical ranges from 65 SGD (E Reserve, last rows) to 240 SGD (Premium). The seating plan and prices can be seen from The Lion King musical seating plan.  The performance is scheduled Tuesday to Friday at 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 2 pm and 8 pm. You can buy your tickets online from

To adapt the animation to Broadway stage, Disney Theatrical Productions gathered a wide range of artists who created a stunning show with with unique stage, costume and dance designs. The Lion King is truly an international production. The cast of the Singapore production come from 10 countries including USA,  The UK, South Africa, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy and The Philippines.

The animal characters are brought to life through the masks. Working with co-puppet designer Michael Curry, Julie Taymor created masks and costumes that would not hide the human beings. The audience sees both the fixed mask and the changing face of the actor creating a unique theater experience.

The Lion King Musical
The Lion King Musical
The masks are painted to look like wood but they are actually made of carbon fibre so they are much lighter than they look. Masks are carefully designed to reflect the nature of the characters. For example the mask of Scar is off-center and looks dangerous, while Mufasa's is round and serene, with a mane radiating out like rays of light.

Patterns and the textures in The Lion King musical are all based on traditional African textile, including Kuba and Kente cloth. All of the corsets worn by the lionesses are hand-beaded using range of different materials including shells, glass, ceramics, fish bones, copper and bronze.

The sneak peek below gives idea about what kind of experience is waiting for you in this great show (not the 8th longest running show in Broadway).

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