Monday, March 21, 2011

Singapore businesses make use of tablets and mobile apps

Technology and innovation first shrunk our desktop PC to sit on our laptops and just recently our laptops to our pockets. Smartphones and tablet computers are getting more mainstream and powerful (iPhone has more CPU power and memory than my first work PC where I developed and ran commercial applications) and people and businesses are getting more innovative to make use of them. I have started to see some Singapore businesses jumping to the wagon, very good for them and IT companies developing apps for smartphones :)

According to Digital Life (The Straits Times), ERA Realty Network, yes the ERA of those property agents, developed a mobile application called ERA Tab for its 4600 local ERA agents to visit office less and be more productive. The application, which is developed for 100,000 dollars, enables an agent to search for an get information to close a deal faster and complete paperwork without being in the office.

ERA Tab runs on Google's Android operation system and designed to be used on a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet device. The Galaxy Tab has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, and runs the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. Its screen is smaller than an iPad screen (10'') but unlike iPad it is also a smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Source:
ERA Tab enables property agents to connect to ERA's online database of properties with their information and photos through 3G wireless connection. Without the tablet and the mobile application, an agent needs to find internet hotspot with his laptop or call another agent to find information on a property.

Even small businesses are trying new innovative mobile applications to make their business more efficient. According to The Straits Times, a local hair salon, Mode Hair Gallery has replaced stacks of magazines with iPad. This does not only provide more value to their customers. The mobile app also connects to company CRM and record customer preferences to be used in marketing in the future.

Singapore restaurant chain, Fish & Co, has placed iPads on each table at its Glass House outlet, allowing customers to send their food orders straight to the kitchen wirelessly from their seats. The company selected Singapore based application development company to make the mobile application (Source: Zimerick Facebook).

And we have previously reported, iPad is used for teaching in Singapore school.

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