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Singapore Yacht Show April 2011

As Singapore realizes the yacht tourism potentials of this small island state, especially after opening of two integrated resorts and their casinos, Singaporeans are also increasingly interested in owning a yacht. You can see this in the memberships of Singapore marinas and their collective construction race to add more berthing capacity to their premises. Take One 15 Marina at Sentosa Cove. This top end luxurious marina was charging 24,000 Singapore Dollars for membership when it started to recruit members in 2005 but the demand pushed this up to 61,000 Singapore Dollars.

Increased interest in yachts, increase wealth of Asians and increased realization of yacht sellers that they need new markets presented a luxury yacht show to Singapore. Singapore Yacht Show will be held between 8-10 April 2011 in ONE 15 Marina Club in Sentosa Cove. This is not a normal yacht exhibition, this is a superyacht exhibition which will be only open to those who are invited.Thos who are not familiar with boats, yachts also have their classes; your ordinary(!) yacht, superyacht and megayacht.

Some signature yachts will be anchored to ONE 15 during the event. SY Montigne, 57-metre sailing
schooner and one of the world’s largest sailing yachts available for charter will be in Singapore. Actually this luxury motorsailor will be based in South East Asia in 2011.This is a very young yacht, built in 2009 and will carry a price tag of 16,500,000 Euro. This elegant superyacht is heir to the famous 50 meter SY Galileo. She belongs to Aegean Yacht and is the largest superyacht of its class built in Turkey, one of the top 10 yacht producing countries in the world.

SY Montigne superyacht

Another signature superyacht of the show is the 33-metre MY Nymphaea. This superyacht went to an 8 month major refit which was completed at the end of 2009 and the yacht is now chartering local Thai and Malay waters. Nymphaea (Water Lily) was built in 1984 by the famous Broward Marine shipyard in Florida to the highest standard of seaworthiness, luxury, and comfort. She will be based in Singapore, and will be available for private charter in the Andaman Sea all year round and is one of the few yachts of her pedigree, size and comfort dedicated to luxury charter in the region.

MY Nymphaea - Source: yachtsolutions

SY El Aleph a 37-metre traditional Phinisi sailing yacht which will make its debut at the show. This unique yacht from Konjo Boat builders of Tana Beru Village, Indonesia has not been seen at any other show in the world:

EL ALEPH is probably the newest and most spacious traditional sailing yacht available for charter in the exotic Indonesian archipelago. Broad-beamed and well-ballasted, she offers unmatched stability and comfort. No detail has been left to chance in ensuring the utmost comfort, safety and enjoyment in some of the most exciting and less explored parts of the world. 
The combination of traditional Phinisi design and 21st century technology in EL ALEPH makes her a totally unique luxury yacht. Beautifully handcrafted in 100-year old teak and ironwood, and finished by the finest cabinetmakers in Bali (who spent more than 200,000 man-hours on the final fit-out!) the attention to detail is unmatched by any other Phinisi schooner ever built.
EL ALEPH offers every modern convenience, from individually controlled air-conditioned cabins to satellite communications. Also,unique among such traditional boats, EL ALEPH has quiet boat mode where she can cruise for prolonged periods under electrical power with all her engines shut down. 
A charter on EL ALEPH is a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating Indonesian archipelago and beyond, to Thailand, Burma and the Andaman islands in total luxury and privacy. Whether diving in some of the world's richest coral reefs, climbing smoking volcanoes, anchoring in secluded lagoons, or experiencing the fascinating cultural and natural diversity of villages and islands rarely seen by outsiders, EL ALEPH offers the ultimate escape.

SY El Alep - Source:
 The show will be full of yacht builders, brokers as well as some luxurious automobile brands like Rolls Royce and BMW to complement the show. It is sad there is no public date, I definitely would like to see SY Al Alep, it looks very interesting. Maybe if you are on the south shores of Singapore you can get a glimpse of these luxurious ladies sailing elegantly along Singapore coast.

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